Emmanuel Van der Auwera in residency

Collaborating with the Gluon Foundation, Fundamental Research proposed Emmanuel Van der Auwera for a 3-month residency in the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht under the direction of Beatrice de Gelder and her team.

The Brain and Emotion Lab investigates emotion and cognition in humans. Projects include investigations of emotion and cognition in neurologically intact participants, but also in patients with focal brain lesions, and prosopagnosia, neuropsychiatric populations such as people with schizophrenia, autism and Williams syndrome. The lab uses behavioral methods, electrophysiology, EMG, as well as functional imaging.

“According to Van der Auwera, “From one emotional state to the next, our experience of reality is a tight orchestration of joy, fear, empathy and despair. At the residency I had a glimpse of the other side of the curtain, where scientists investigate what makes our lives emotional experiences using computers and machines. Similar to the early explorers, they set sail to the last unknown frontier: ourselves; and try to understand what is behind our smiles and our tears.”